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Mountain Ridge

Experience & Training

My Professional Expertise

I have spent significant time and resources in the following professional areas. In summary, I have spent 18 years in Higher Education within the online learning industry heavily involved in project management with additional information technology insight and training 


2006 - present

I have led eLearning projects since 2005 and provide project leadership mentoring

Online Class


2005 - present

My project management specialty is leading eLearning projects that building courses, programs, and training partnerships 


2024 - present

In January 2024, I completed the Certified AI Specialist (CAIS) training program

Military Aircraft

Military Veteran

1996 - 2005

I served in the US Air Force and specialized in Aviation Management. I completed multiple deployments and obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree in Aviation Management

Spiral Stairs

IT & Mathematics

2002 - 2019

I hold a Master of Science degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics

Interesting Structure


2010 - present

I lead the Project Management Office as the VP with a project team responsible for the Portfolio Management of projects and programs at an online institution

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